I created this site to help eager students learn how to play music and feel comfortable doing so. There's always a suggestion to study and practice other areas of music to improve your overall knowledge, the resources included in this site will lay a solid foundation of important concepts that are necessary to comprehend almost any piece of music you will encounter.

My name is Americo Lara and I have studied Music Performance, receiving a Bachelor's of Music from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master's Degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music. My background is rooted in tuba orchestral and chamber music and I have extensive studies in Music History and Music Theory. The knowledge I have gained from experiences in and outside of a classroom setting have solidified my understanding of all aspects of music. Having the opportunity to learn from live performances in front of real audiences and preparing for them with peers and teachers have prepared me to share my stories. My favorite way to learn is always at my own pace and I want to give people an opportunity to have that option.

Americo Lara